June 12th 2022, 9:30 am & 11:00 am


Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts


45 minutes


12$/adult | 9$/children | 22$/family


25 spectators

Visual arts and dance are at the heart of this project which presents a collection of choreographies created by youth. Accompanied by choreographer and teacher Stephanie Brochard, the participants drew inspiration for their choreographic creations from the space of the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts.

Through a sensory approach, Singular Shades opens the dialogue between tangible (material and immaterial) and intangible expressions of art and heritage.

*The ticket price includes access to the Museum’s exhibitions.


Performers: Gabrielle Veilleux, Phoebe Boisclair-Fleury, Sophie Lévesque, Camille Doyon, Charline Cadieux, Mariam Bouarab-Gonzalez, Marie Gankin, Adélie Clavet-Nadeau

Photos: Emmanuelle Roberge

Keep dancing!

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