June 6th, 7:30 PM


University of Sherbrooke Cultural Center


60 minutes

Price adult


Price 17 and under


5 tickets +

Discount 3$/ticket

Box office


Salam [Peace] is a piece for four dancers and one musician. This Franco-Palestinian co-production reexamines the notion of borders, be they imaginary, political, cultural or corporal, and questions their impact on peace, both internal and external.

Salam explores a complex political reality, but then is it not also the role of the artist to present a different vision? Contemporary yet inspired by traditional Palestinian dancing, this production is an intercultural encounter that is brimming with hope.


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Choreography: Hervé Maigret
Dancers: Hervé Maigret, Hamza Damra, Stéphane Bourgeois, Pedro Hurtado
Choreographic Assistant: Stéphane Bourgeois | Music and live musician: Camille Saglio | Ser Design: Serge Crampon | Digital Artist: Mickael Lafontaine | Lighting Design: Olivier Tessier | Sound Engineer: Mathieu Roche | Stage manager and general manager: Fabrice Peduzzi | Costumes: Martine Ritz | Advisor, historian, author: Sandrine Mansour | Photos: Jean-Jacques Brumachon


Keep dancing!

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