June 9th 2022, 7:00 pm


La Maison du Cinéma


55 minutes



This cinematographic programming, brings together eight films from different countries, films with very varied styles and esthetics, in which movement, daily life, and children’s imagination, figure prominently. Another way to take a look at dance!

New London Calling (2010) | Directed by Alla Kovganis | United States | 10 minutes

  • With New London Calling, Alla Kovganis invites you to dive into the world of childhood where pleasure, hope and nostalgia are mixed.

Bully Dance (2000) | Directed by Janet Perlman | Canada | 10 minutes

  • Just as its name suggests, Bully Dance is a thought-provoking approach to bullying. How can we all work together to fight this scourge?

Dancing by Distance (2010) | Directed by Anna Rodgers | Ireland | 5 minutes

  • Dancing by distance features 25 dancers in 25 different locations across Ireland. All with unique styles and varying atmospheres, the artists had to deal with criteria on space, movement and rhythm to create this dance film.

Solitude Urbaine (2020) | Directed by Stéphanie Brochard | France | 3 minutes

  • The choreographer and dancer Stéphanie Brochard improvises dance movements in different urban places.

Sneak Up (2020) | Directed by Raymond Caplin | Canada | 3 minutes

  • Inspired by a traditional powwow dance, Sneak Up will surprise you with its visual story represented by the movements of the warrior who silently sneaks up before attacking his enemies.

Dancers of the Grass (2009) | Directed by Mélanie Jackson | Canada | 2 minutes

  • In all its majesty, the traditional hoop dance is presented in stop-motion animation to symbolize the union of all nations.

Off Ground (2013) | Directed by Boudewijn Koole | Netherlands | 12min

  • Off Ground tells the story of a young boy and his terminally ill mother. From one state of consciousness to another, the two bodies intertwine to illustrate the strong bond that unites them and that not even death can break.

itsy bitsy (2015) | Directed by Lisa Kusanagi et JuJu Kusanagi | Japan & United States | 6 minutes

  • Why is creative, imaginative, emotional intelligence neglected by our academic institutions? itsy bitsy takes a critical look at the colonization of our imagination from which we must free ourselves at all costs.

Keep dancing!

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