A little excursion for the whole family, into the heart of traditional West African rhythms and movement.


June 11th 2022, 11:00 AM & 6:30 PM


Victoria Park


45 minutes



An invitation to explore movements and rhythms typical of dance in these countries. In a friendly, festive, and contemporary context, this workshop-performance proposes that participants together create a short choreographic sequence to the sound of tam-tams. Traditionally, African dance and rhythms mimicked the everyday gestures of a community, and were an integral part of the means of communication, on par with spoken language. Today, having become a performing art in their own right, these energetic dances and fiery rhythms, inspire in us a desire to dance and have fun!

Performers: Pauline Ronsmans et Emily Callaghan
Musicians: Jean-Marie Royer et Robert Daignault
Photos: Emmanuelle Roberge

Keep dancing!

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